Who we are.

Market Fixtures Unlimited Inc. has a long history of being a family owned and operated venture. Charlie and Eunice Fitzpatrick, co-owners of Market Fixtures Unlimited, have lived for over three decades in the state of California. Over the years, their son, Randy, has run the business on a day-to-day level. Upon his retirement, Randy taught the trade to his son, Brian, who now runs the operation along with his wife, Steffanie.

We opened our doors for business in the summer of 1959.

From a tiny, family-owned venture in Artesia, California, to one of the leaders in the industry of restaurant and supermarket equipment supplies, Market Fixtures Unlimited Inc. has retained its homey, family-oriented attitude. With only fifteen employees, we get to know our customers on a more personal basis than many of the larger, more corporate businesses out there.

Over the years, Brian has taken over the sales department, while Steffanie keeps herself busy with all of the account management. Cheryl keeps the business running smoothly, managing the office and assisting Brian and Steffanie in any way she can. They, along with the rest of the other employees, always work as a team with every customer, and tirelessly do what is necessary to not only get the job done—but to make sure the customer leaves happy.

Longevity. Friendly service. Reliability. These are the ideals that have kept us in business for nearly half a century, and which will continue to allow us to serve you well into the future.